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North Dakota oil production up 5% in June 2014

Bakken IMG_0652 8-15

(Photo by James Ulvog)

Production in the state hit an average of 1,092,617 barrels per day (bopd) in June 2014, up from a revised 1,040,469 in May. That’s an increase of 5.01%. Since December, that would be an 18.7% increase. Not bad for six months.

Even better, Bakken-only production passed the one million point – 1,028,352 bopd.

Here are two graphs showing the production trend.

Production by month since 2008, showing total for the state and Bakken-only:

ND production june 14

Total production by month since 1990:

ND production june 14 since 1990

Total producing wells in the state are 10,727 in June. The count has been over 10,000 since March. Bakken wells in the state are 7,870.

That would give average production of 22 bopd for non-Bakken wells and 131 bopd for Bakken wells.

Count of producing Bakken wells is up 1,036 since December after an increase of 1,787 in 2013.


Prof. Perry at Carpe Diem calls the state Saudi Dakota. Indeed.

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