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Forecasts for Eagle Ford production


Previously mentioned a report from EIA that said production in Eagle Ford would be over 1M bopd in October and November. That confused me.

Got myself straightened out.

That amount includes condensates as well as crude oil. Aha! I’m a little slow on the update sometimes, but I’m catching on. Slowly.

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Eagle Ford production passes the 1M bopd level in October?

The Energy Information Administration released a report about 2 weeks ago reporting their estimates of what production will be in 6 major fields for October and November.

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The race is on – when will Eagle Ford and Bakken hit a million barrels a day?

I’ve been tracking predictions for when Bakken hits a million barrels a day. Both Carpe Diem and Million Dollar Way put a prediction on the table today.

Check out the astounding increase in production in Eagle Ford shown in the graph from Carpe Diem: Energy fact of the day: Eagle Ford Shale sets new oil output record in May, will likely surpass Bakken Shale next year.

Production in May was 581,923 bopd, per the preliminary report.

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The energy frontier is open – Texas edition

The western part of North Dakota is not the only place in the country where every business is looking for help. The same thing is happening in the Eagle Ford and Permian fields in Texas.

Check out Bloomberg’s Eagle Ford Shale Boom Fuels ‘Madhouse’ in South Texas Counties report.

Previously closed businesses have reopened. Just about every store in town has a ‘help wanted’ sign.

Here are a few predictions or estimates for the Eagle Ford and Permian field production levels: Read more…

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