Private sector rocket launches will resupply space station

SpaceX will launch it’s first space shot on a resupply flight to the space station in late November.  NASA gave technical approval to the launch.

Update – the SpaceX resupply mission was a success.

Why is this discussion in a blog about nonprofit issues? Three reasons.

First, is a superb illustration of stretching our brains. In the nonprofit sector we need to be intentionally thinking about the future. See my discussions here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Just the idea of private space flights will stretch our brain.

Second, this is a superb illustration of the downside of getting stuck in a cul-de-sac, whether in your career or ministry. For discussion of how the space shuttle likely stunted space exploration see posts here and here .  The lesson for us in the nonprofit world is that doing the same ol’ thing over and over will not change the world if the same ol’ thing is a cul-de-sac.

Third, it’s fun.

As a country, the end of the space shuttle program does not mean we are dropping out of space exploration. Instead, we will allow the private sector an opportunity to develop the technology and capability to do all sorts of amazing things.

If you want a hint of the possibilities of private space exploration, you really need to read An Army of Davids.

For the next step, several private companies, with seed money from NASA, are just about ready to launch reusable supply ships.

See full article at the Wall Street Journal:  Private Space Taxis Race to the Launch Pad. (reading more than 8 lines of the article requires a subscription.) Article was in the August 17, 2011 paper, in case you still have it sitting around.

In spite of our current economic slump, the future is so bright we should all be wearing sunglasses.

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