What 30 years of change looks like

Change in technology, the all-white old-boys network, and turnaround time are just a few of the things Mark Schaefer has seen in the 30 years since he started his business career. He discusses the changes in his post, 30 years of business change in one blog post.

One of the changes I’ve benefited from is the growth in personal opportunity. The entry cost to start anything new has dropped dramatically.

In my case, the cost of starting a new accounting firm is minimal.

It used to be you would have to hire a secretary to open mail, answer the phone & type letters, either hire a stat typist or find a secretary who could type reports, lease a big copier, buy a library full of books, buy computers and software for all of the staff, then rent an office big enough for you and all of the above.

Today, one person can open an accounting office with a laptop, color laser printer, and lots of software.

Same with publishing. Anyone with a computer, word processing software, and internet connection can publish a book.

Even more so with journalism. With that same technology, anyone can be a reporter.

When I started my business career, opening an accounting office was difficult and expensive. Nobody would have ever thought it possible for one person to publishing three books and be a blogger writing on public issues.

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