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Private resupply spaceship arrives at Space Station on resupply run #2

The space frontier is open.

Today a Dragon capsule from SpaceX arrived at the International Space Station delivering 1,300 pounds of supplies and experiments.

A glitch in a valve or pressure line delayed arrival while the engineers figured out a solution.

The capsule will remain docked with the space station for a month before bringing back a load of material to earth.

Space.com points out SpaceX Dragon Capsule Glitch (and Recovery) Shows Why Spaceflight Is Hard.

The article expands at length on the lede:

The struggles a private cargo capsule faced in orbit Friday reinforce the notion that spaceflight remains a challenging proposition, experts say.

Exactly correct.

Spaceflight is complex, high-risk, dangerous, and far from certain. But it can be done.

Let’s remember, this is in fact rocket science.

SpaceX is privately funded and run. They launching rockets and capsules they designed and built. Very cool.

Also check out SpaceX Capsule Arrives at Space Station in the Wall Street Journal.

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