Mali update – 3-24-13

3-22Wall Street Journal – Mali Militants Attack Airport

The Timbuktu airport was attacked with a suicide-bomber and follow-on infiltration attempt. Airstrikes drove off the attackers. Claimed losses are one Malian soldier killed, two wounded, and 15 attackers killed.

3-21Wall Street Journal – U.S. Sanctions Mali Terror Group

The U.S. State Department and Treasury Department officially sanctioned Ansar al-Dine as a terrorist group on Thursday.

3-22Africa is a Country – Welcome to Mali

Gregory Mann has a superb discussion of the goals of various parties. His description is that there are multiple wars underneath the visible battle with all the players having different goals. France, the Malian civilian government, the Malian military (which is not quite under the control of the civil government according to the article), the Tuarag people group (MNLA), and the mujahideen (AQIM and Ansar al-Dine) are each fighting a different war. France has one of several possible goals, none of which are in sight at the moment.

Great article, which also shows the complexity of the conflict there. Also shows how much I have to learn.

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