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What your visit to the doctor may look like in 2023

You will still take a cab to the doctor’s office. For a while. That is a post that guesses what the annual checkup might look like a decade from now.

A self-driving car takes you to the office. A friendly, perceptive, caring, automated voice talks you through your checkup. Sensors that don’t touch you run all the tests.

John Bredehoft paints an appealing picture. Check it out.

You’ll have to read the article to see John’s predictions for the destiny of Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Edith is the star of the post.  I’ll give away what her favorite singer is on the oldies station in 2023 – the early Katy Perry.

Check out the rest of the possibilities for the future. Never been a better time to be alive!

(Side note – major post to follow on Monday tying this story to big trends in the economy.)

Update: John Bredehoft dives deeper into the transition issues in his follow-up post – But where is the doctor?

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