Mali update – 7-10-13

Not much news from Mali that I’ve noticed. There is progress, but at a deeper level than I can see in the few news sources I watch. I suppose that is only a commentary on me.

7-8Economist – Secure the Sahara, if you can

Three pieces of very good news, at least from my limited perspective. From the article:

In late June the Tuareg signed a peace deal.

On June 26th Captain Amadou Sanogo, who led last year’s coup, apologised publicly for his actions.

An interim president, Dioncounda Traore, is trying to close a rift in the armed forces between plotters and those who remained loyal to the elected if ineffectual former government. 

The UN is assembling a peacekeeping force of 12,000.

A vote is scheduled for the end of July. Article suggests it will be difficult to have a good election procedurally.  France will keep 3,000 troops in-country until the election and 1,000 after that.

Looks to me like some very good progress.

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