3rd blogiversary

Last week, August 28th, marked the third blogiversary of my lead blog. (Cross-post from my other blog, Nonprofit Update).

Many thanks to those who have stopped by to read. By now you have sensed that I’m having a blast in this blogging journey.

In celebration, I’d like to provide a few stats for my three main blogs. I realize my sites are infinitesimally small in the overall blogosphere. Yet I hope in some small way stats from a small site might be an encouragement to current bloggers and others thinking of jumping into the fun world of blogging.

Data is for Nonprofit Update (nonprofitupdate.info), Attestation Update (attestationupdate.com), and Outrun Change (outrunchange.com). The cutoff date for data is August 31 as a matter of convenience.

I mention original posts which excludes cross-posting an article from one site to another. WordPress started providing visitor counts during calendar year 2013. Prior to that I was estimated the visitors. The visitor count went up a lot when I started using their data.  The page view and visitor data excludes those reading from RSS feeds and email since I don’t have any way to capture that data.

Here are a few stats I find interesting.

Original posts

nonprofit attestation outrun total
yr 1            268             129          –          397
yr 2            144             137        201          482
yr 3            158             159        278          595
total            570             425        479       1,474

Page views

nonprofit attestation outrun total
yr 1       20,228           8,845            –      29,073
yr 2       32,860         28,006       4,930      65,796
yr 3       39,742         38,941     19,103      97,786
total       92,830         75,792     24,033    192,655


nonprofit attestation outrun total
yr 1        13,951           5,701            –     19,652
yr 2        19,671         15,846      2,607     38,124
yr 3        23,625         22,230    12,414     58,269
total        57,247         43,777    15,021   116,045

Not sure how much longer I’ll keep posting the annual data, but do hope this is informative for others.

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