Why am I posting airplane videos on this blog?

To learn.

To show the simplicity and ease of quality technology.

To have fun.

What videos?

I’ve produced several videos of airplane flybys at the Planes of Fame museum’s airshow in Chino, California. I’ll start mentioning them on this blog.


As a general matter, I want to learn a bit about a lot of things.  Figuring out how to produce a short video has taught me a teeny tiny bit about films and editing and videography. 

I’ve appreciated the production quality of the last several movies I’ve watched because I have a vague idea about editing. I have some hint of a clue about telling a story using a series of short clips.

Figuring out editing and videos helps me learn about how to participate in our increasingly video-based culture. (Did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google?)

I can also appreciate good video.

My brother-in-law films and produces videos for marketing of luxury homes. When I produce my simplistic videos with rough editing I can really appreciate a video made with high-end equipment, shot by someone with great camera skills who can set up a scene and edit well with good software.

You can see his Facebook page at “San Diego luxury real estate media.” Two of his high end videos are visible here and here. Nobody will ever confuse my videos for his.

Simple and easy technology

By producing these videos, I’m showing others how easy it is to use technology that a couple of decades ago only high-end production people could access. It is amazingly easy to shoot raw footage and edit the clips into a coherent story. You can’t imagine the simplicity of publishing a finished video.

My skill set is pretty much at the level of a power user of Excel(r). I’m no slouch at Word(r), QuickBooks(r), and Word Press(r). I can function with PowerPoint(r) and Paint(r).

Why mention my skills? So you can see that producing videos, cartoons, and running a blog don’t required advanced skills. If you are extremely comfortably working with a spreadsheet or word processing package, you can easily make videos or run a blog.

The technology is so easy.  And so cheap.

Just about anyone can put it to work.


Finally, I’m having a blast.

Why warbirds? I like them.

Why airshows? The roar of the engines from World War II era planes is a lot of fun.

Why videos? It’s interesting to learn the software and gives me a way to enjoy those airshow clips many more times. Trying to make the software do exactly what you have in mind is more fun than a jigsaw or Sudoku puzzle .

And editing warbird videos is far more fun than criticizing the intentional damage caused by slice-and-dice wind farms, wing-toasting solar farms, and pheasant-killing poverty-increasing ethanol production.

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