Airplane flyby videos – 1 of 2

Explained earlier Why am I posting airplane videos on this blog?

Short answer is to demonstrate the ease of high-quality tech, to learn, and to have fun.

Here are two videos. The first of two opposing Korean War era fighters, an F-86 and MiG-15. Second video is of World War II era bombers, a trio of B-25s.

Video of F-86 and MiG-15 at the May 2012 airshow in Chino, CA presented by the Planes of Fame museum.


The above is a 9:00 video. It was not stabilized by the YouTube software, so the pictures jump around a lot. The YouTube software doesn’t play well with a mixture of still photos and video. It shortens the stills and pauses a moment on the video following a still. Overall still a fun tool.

As of 12-2-13 this video has 43 views. It was posted on 5-13-12.

Video of B-25s at the May 2013 Planes of Fame airshow.


This is 8:41 long.  YouTube offered to adjust for the shaky video. I let the software auto-adjust. Improved the quality tremendously. You can see the horizontal adjustments in the shifting left and right borders. That detracts from the quality, but nowhere near as much as my hand-holding the camera did.

As of 12-2-13 this video has 7 views. It was posted on 5-13-12.

Next:  Another pair of videos here.

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