2 thoughts on “Visual of progress in last 40 years”

  1. I wouldn’t criticize Jiffy Pop popcorn so quickly, since it provides two advantages over microwaved popcorn.

    First, Jiffy Pop provides you with great arm exercise.

    Second, because you are literally inches away from the popping corn (rather than having the corn popping behind a door), you get a richer sensory experience.

    I’m happy to say good-bye to the 45 RPM records, however – there was always the danger of scratching. (This was before people would scratch records INTENTIONALLY.)

    1. Hi John:

      Good point – Jiffy Pop, or popcorn in a pot with oil, is a richer experience. Slower, less convenient, but more sensory.

      People who really appreciate music, you for example, may lament the clarity of vinyl or cassette reals. That is offset by being able to set up several hundred songs to play instead of half a dozen 45s without having to change out the music. I can carry a hundred books with me inside something the size of a paperback book.

      Thanks for the comment.

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