“If you only write one book in your whole life … (it) will be someone’s absolutely favorite book of all time”

That is the encouragement from John C. Wright in his post “Your Book of Gold.”

The beautiful, full sentence:

If you only write one book in your whole life, and only sell 600 copies or less, nonetheless, I assure you, I solemnly assure you, that this book will be someone’s absolutely favorite book of all time, and it will come to him on some dark day and give him sunlight, and open his eyes and fill his heart and make him see things in life even you never suspected, and will be his most precious tale, and it will live in his heart like the Book of Gold.

He then gives three examples of radical change in someone’s life from reading just one book.

As a writer with sales at the microscopic level, that is a wonderful encouragement to me.

Check out the full article. You will be blessed.

My dream for the Tragedy of Fraud series is what doesn’t happen.

…The headlines of a scandalous fraud in an NPO that we never read about.

…People with situation specific ethics who move the cutoff for stealing because of my writing and as a result we never see their name on the front page of the newspaper.

It is the same in your ministry

The same concept Mr. Wright describes for writers applies in your ministry.

Your passion is:

  • Lives that won’t be devastated by drugs or suicide or abortion or alcohol.
  • The precious children and adults who will live for decades in obscurity because they didn’t die of dirty water or some common disease that can be cured with fifty cents of medicine.
  • People who live full, normal, boring, hum-drum lives because injustice wasn’t alive and well.

Our society doesn’t give accolades for what didn’t happen.  Embrace your passion knowing you will change lives of people who won’t come back to give you thanks. They may not even realize you played a role in their lives.

You and God will know their life is normal because of what you did.

Let that knowledge give you the drive to keep on keepin’ on. Go ahead – change the world.

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