Price cut on print books

I’ve dropped the prices for the print copies of my books available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes store.

Here is what you can find on-line:


 Tragedy of Fraud – Insider Trading Edition

Story of Scott London’s fall from regional audit partner at KPMG to prison inmate because of his insider trading.


Tragedy of Fraud –

The Ripple Effects from Fraud and the Wages Earned.

Two case studies describe the ripple effects on others and the wages earned. First is of a bookkeeper in a local church. The second is of the mayor of a small city. Final section of the book discusses the three sides of the fraud triangle and what organizations can do to minimize the factors.



Audit. Review. Compilation. What’s the difference?

How are audits, reviews, and compilation different from each other? Those are three levels of services a CPA can provide your business or nonprofit organization. This short book will help you understand each of the services and the differences through illustrations of a football game, buying a used car, and filling up a bucket.



 Once Upon Internal Control:

A tale of good and bad ways to implement internal controls in a local church

Through two simple stories, this fable shows why we should try to set up good procedures to protect our churches, our staff, and ourselves.


For other formats and two additional titles, please visit Riverstone Finance Press.

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