The source of wealth, as explained by two musicians.

Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan explain where jobs, growth, prosperity, and wealth come from.

Hint: it isn’t from government.

“A Business Lesson by Frank Zappa”




(Title: A Business Lesson By Frank Zappa – youtube name in case link fails: TWXUatVuxQg )

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He puts out $250,000 of his own money to get a tour ready. He takes all that risk expecting it will pay off later. Here’s the deal:

I pay money to have a service performed for me on behalf of an audience that pays money to have a service performed for them.

If you don’t want to deliver extremely high quality to Mr. Zappa as his employee so he can in turn provide extremely high quality to his customers, there is an open seat available on the next plane home. You are welcome to leave anytime you don’t want to deliver your best work.

He will buy your ticket home anytime you want. The not-so-joking comment in the band is:

you want a window or aisle seat

Where do jobs come from? Not the government.

That at least is Bob Dylan’s point in an interview with AARP. Here’s a summary of his comments as discussed in Rolling Stone’s article: Bob Dylan: The Government’s Not Going to Create Jobs. Billionaires Can

Bob Dylan has a solution for unemployment: Let the billionaires step up. …

“The government’s not going to create jobs,” he said. “It doesn’t have to. People have to create jobs, and these big billionaires are the ones who can do it.”

Rephrased: jobs don’t come from government. They come from rich people who want to create a business so they make money. In order for them to make money with their great idea they need lots and lots and lots of people to help them. Thus, more people have jobs when people with money want to create more value so they have more money.

Hmm. Let me rephrase that again. It takes entrepreneurs working in a free market who are out to make money for themselves who create jobs and money for others.

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