Day 6 – Keith Graves’ trial delayed

Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of
Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of

Andrew Sheeler reports in Bismarck Tribune: Graves Trial Delayed.

Article says delays resulted in the jury members going home shortly after the trial resumed on Monday. According to the article, expectation is the trial will resume on Tuesday.

PACER system shows two status hearings were scheduled for 2:00 and 3:30.  Court minutes show the meeting at lasted 10 minutes by telephone. The later meeting lasted 5 minutes. Neither set of minutes reveal any information other than to review case status.

I’m new to this deal of watching a case as it progresses, especially when relying on news reports and PACER. Is this typical? Is it hinting that plea negotiations are underway? I don’t know how all this stuff this works, but with my businessman’s knowledge of the law I can’t image the feds would settle for anything less than a guilty plea on three or five charges.

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