Day 9 of Keith Graves’ trial. Jury in deliberation.


Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of
Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of

Andrew Sheeler reports in Bismarck Tribune: Jury remains undecided in Graves case.

Jury deliberated Thursday and will continue Friday.  Article says the jury asked for definition of two terms.

Article reminds us this is the first high-profile case in the state dealing with human trafficking. It started in August 2014 at the state level. In December 2014 the feds took over and moved the case to US District Court in Bismarck.

Remainder of the article gives a recap of the case. Government witnesses included eight alleged victims, and number of law enforcement officers, two staff from the state crime lab, and a man who worked for Mr. Graves.

If you want a quick survey of the case, check out Mr. Sheeler’s article above.

Only new item visible this morning on the docket at the federal PACER system is the final jury instructions. At 30 pages in length, I won’t be downloading and reading it.

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