Fire destroys Hedderich’s, a combination museum and antique store in Williston, N.D.

Photo by David Ulvog. Used with permission.

In a tragic loss to the beautiful downtown area of Williston, the approximately 120 year old Hedderich’s building was gutted by fire on July 10.

The building had been used as a department store until 1988 but in recent decades was a combination museum and antique store. The current building was constructed in 1918 (I’m not sure how that gets the age to about 120).

Photo by David Ulvog. Used with permission.


Visible condition morning after the fire

My son, who took the photos for this post, told me the first floor doesn’t seem to have been gutted. I sure do hope a lot of the antiques on that level can be recovered and restored.  You can see sky through the third second story windows but there appear to be some interior walls standing. I hope that means the roof only collapsed to the third second story.

Photo by David Ulvog. Used with permission.

Initial reports suggest the fire didn’t get into the neighboring buildings. I’m sure the fire department and structural engineers will be checking out those buildings quite carefully.

As I post this, the Williston fire department will have a news conference momentarily.

Photo by David Ulvog. Used with permission.

More info:

Update: Williston Herald reports on 7/11/17 Hedderich fire likely an accident.  Williston Fire Department stated it was likely an accident but the severity of damage means the exact cause may not be determinable.

Also, I guess the building is only two stories, not three like I mentioned. Actually, that makes sense. A department store usually has tall ceilings on the first floor. Be tough to hang full-size airplanes from a 10′ ceiling, huh?


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