Silk Road perps. The last one has been extradicted and is awaiting trial.

Expected long-term housing arrangements for ‘Variety Jones.’ Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

There are only a few loose ends on the massive on-line drug bazaar called Silk Road. Actually, you could buy weapons, human organs, explosives, and even a contract killing on the site along with any amount of any dope you have ever heard of.

Most of the players are in federal prison on long-term sentences.

Last time I checked, the remaining on-the-loose player was “Variety Jones.” He is now in custody, awaiting trial.

The feds allege that Roger Thomas Clark is ‘Variety Jones.’ My last update on 9/6/17 showed Mr. Clark was in Thailand fighting extradition to the U.S. He has been in custody since December 2015.

He claimed in an interview that the feds had little information against him since his laptop was encrypted and turned off when he was arrested. Hold that thought.

Did a quick search today. At the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator website, I learned Roger Thomas Clark, register number 85816-054, age 57 in held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, with unknown release date.

Quick search on the ‘net revealed this reddit comment:  Roger Thomas Clark Pretrial Conference update (Silk Road).

Article says Mr. Clark was extradited to the US in 2018 and has had two pretrial hearings, on 6/19/18 and 9/20/18. He is being held at Brooklyn MDC.

Because of the volume of discovery material, he is being allowed electronic access to the material seven days a week instead of what the article says is typical access of three or four hours a week.

Why the special privilege?

The feds have somewhere between 10 and 12 terabytes of data that has been provided to Mr. Clark.

Where did that data come from?

The computers Mr. Clark had in his possession when he was arrested.  Oh, that encryption that would prevent the feds from getting any info off his computers?  There are only three devices that still need to be decrypted. The ones opened up produced around a dozen terabyes.  Lets’ call that 10TB. Or 10,000GB, or 10,000,000MB.

Oops. Guess that encryption wasn’t as good as he thought.

Article says the feds think the trial will take 3 weeks. Trial, along with jury selection, is scheduled for 9/23/19, per the article.

Where are the other perps?

Current status:

We can add to that:

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