A reminder of previous government pronouncements before they are pushed down the memory hole.

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We can now see an extensive effort to re-write the story of the shutdown of the economy. Before that is accomplished it is necessary to put a number of factors on the table so they don’t disappear down George Orwell’s 1984 memory hole.

4/13/20 – American Institute for Economic Research – Liberation From Lockdown Now – Article discusses recent explanations and how we got to this point.

We need to remember this uncomfortable information before it is removed from the discussion.

I shall quote one paragraph from the article to keep the information alive before it is erased from the record. The early advice from the experts was:

“For a family sitting around the dinner table tonight,” said Dr. Nancy Messionnier, a spokesperson for the CDC on January 17; “this is not something that they generally need to worry about.”

Let’s not forget the next sentence:

Anthony Fauci said on January 27 that “the American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States.”

The initial estimate on 3/13/20 from CDC was 1.7 million deaths. With full social distancing and lockdown the estimate was 100,000 up to 200,000.

The estimates have been reduced, almost weekly, with all subsequent estimates assuming full social distancing and lockdown, in other words, no change in the key assumptions.

The estimated deaths are now down to 60,000.  Another quote from the article:

Now even Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health predicts that there will be about 60,000 deaths by August. This number is striking. Why? Because it’s virtually equal to the 61,000 U.S. deaths that the CDC attributed to the flu just two seasons ago.

I fear the next issue is we may see an intentional effort to pump up the death count. This has been announced as official policy. Lest you think I joke, another quote from the article, citing an explicit statement from Dr. Birx:

…there is a strong incentive for governments and agencies to game the numbers. Dr. Birx made a plain, up-front announcement that every death from any cause that tests positive for COVID-19 is now counted as a COVID-19 fatality, which is basically an admission that not even the data can be trusted.

Article goes on to explain the second order effects of the shutdown and explains many reasons we need to revive the economy now.

It is past time to open up the economy and end the health and economic destruction.

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