Worlds far away– Final though on cost of luxury yacht, support yacht, and supporting equipment. Part 4

Hodor on left, Lonian on right, with harbor cruise ship passing between them. Provides perspective on size of the yachts. Photo by James Ulvog.

Previous posts in this series describe a luxurious 87 m yacht, the 66 m support yacht, and all the ancillary equipment carried on board, such as a personal submarine, helicopter, and five speedboats.

One final thought – curb your envy.

Before your envy takes over, consider that the gentleman involved created tons of wealth for the world and thousands of jobs that as a consequence resulted in him having a personal net worth of $2.2 billion.


Photo by James Ulvog.

Construction of those two ships probably provided jobs for, what do you suppose, 100 or perhaps 150 people for six months or a year?

The crew on his two ships are 27 and 20, meaning he provides full-time salaries for 47 staff just for the yachts. That includes either a doctor or physician’s assistant, a pilot, several mechanics, two ship captains, two first mates, and a whole bunch of sailors.

He spends a massive amount of money keeping those two aircraft and two yachts repaired and operating. Untold numbers of aircraft mechanics have a bunch of work to do every year.

Good for him.

Personally, I am thrilled for him that he created a massive amount of wealth.

I am thrilled for all the jobs he has created in the past.

I am thrilled for all the people that he keeps fully employed today.

Good for him.

Photo by James Ulvog.

I said at the start of this article this is a world that I can only see with a high-powered telescope. (Or a camera with cool zoom for a point-and-shoot.)

I am tickled to death that there are opportunities for people to create so many jobs for others and astoundingly incredible wealth for his stockholders, then to be able to enjoy the vast wealth left over for them.

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