Front (obverse) of Venezuelan currency, 2007 – 2017

Reverse of 100,000 Bolivares paper currency. This is now worthless. In 12/20, one US dollar could get you 1.2 MILLION of these.

To illustrate the devastation from hyperinflation, we will now use Venezuelan Bolivares currency to see what that destruction looks like in terms of paper money.

To start, we will look at the currency itself.

As usual for currency outside the U.S., the paper money of Venezuela are esthetically beautiful. All the bills are colorful with lovely illustrations. All the ones we will now see have a nice sized watermark at the otherwise empty space. The watermarks are same face at the bottom of the obverse (front).

Portraits on the obverse of the currency are patriotic reminders of the struggle for Venezuelan independence.

To start our pictorial excursion, here are the obverses of the 2 Bolivar through 100,000 Bolivar currency:

2 – dated 12/27/12, featuring Francisco de Miranda, his efforts for independence in South America failed; he served as forerunner of Simon Bolivar.

5 – dated 5/24/07, featuring Negro Primero

10 – dated 8/19/14, featuring Guaicaipuro, leader of the multiple tribes who fought against the Spanish as they mined gold in the Caracas valley. He defeated multiple Spanish raids chasing the Spanish out before one final raid in 1568 killed him.

20 – dated 10/29/13, featuring Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, heroine of the fight for Venezuelan independence and advocate for freedom of everyone across South America after independence.

50 – dated 11/5/15, featuring Simon Rodriguez, tutor and mentor to Simon Bolivar

100 – dated 11/5/15, featuring Simon Bolivar, hero of Venezuela who led the revolt against Spanish rule. He was a key player in the movement for South American independence.

500 – 3/23/17 – again featuring Francisco de Miranda. You are starting to see the effects of hyperinflation.

1,000 – dated 3/23/17, featuring Negro Primero

2,000 – dated 8/18/16, featuring Guaicaipuro

5,000 – dated 12/13/17, featuring Luisa Caceres de Arismendi

10,000 – dated 12/13/17,featuring Simon Rodruigez

20,000 –  dated 12/13/17, featuring Simon Bolivar

100,000 – dated 12/13/17, again featuring Simon Bolivar

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