Back (reverse) of Venezuelan currency issued in 2018.

Previous post illustrated the obverse (front) of the 2018 issue currency of Venezuela.

For your visual enjoyment, here is the reverse of these beautiful bills:

2 Bs. S., equal to 200,000 Bs. F.

(sorry, can’t quite read name of the bird)

5 Bs. S., equal to 500,000 Bs. F.

Sapito Rayado – striped sapitao

10 Bs. S., equal to 1,000,000 Bs. F.

Oso Palmero – palm bear

20 Bs. S., equal to 2,000,000 Bs. F.

Yaguar- jaguar

50 Bs. S., equal to 5,000,000 Bs. F.


100 Bs. S., equal to 10,000,000 Bs. F.

Mona arana del norte – northern spider monkey

200 Bs. S., equal to 20,000,000 Bs. F.

Guacamaya verde – green macaw

500 Bs. S., equal to 50,000,000 Bs. F.

Turpial –Troupial; higher classification New World Oriole; national bird of Venezuela; bright yellow, black and white markings

You can vaguely see the metal security band just right of center. The open area at the top right is the watermark. Some of the scans give a hint of the face.

As you can see, the bills all a delight to view.

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