Getting a Covid booster shot makes you *more* likely to get sick. Imagine that.

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As our alleged experts in the so-called public health sector lay groundwork to impose another round of Covid restrictions, it might be worth paying attention to the research demonstrating ineffectiveness of the vaccinations.

In fact, looks like the bivalent booster is dangerous because it increases your risk of infection.

8/12/23 – The Epoch Times – Exclusive: Vaccinated Outbreak at CDC Conference Bigger Than Reported – The irony is staggering.

In shocking news, a large volume of fully vaccinated people, mostly with recent boosters, caught Covid at a CDC conference.

Keep in mind the former director of CDC repeatedly told everybody back in the spring of 2021 if you were vaccinated you would not catch the COVID-19 bug and you would not transmit it to others.

Got a shot? You. Will. Not. Get. Sick. 

Got a shot? You. Will. Not. Transmit. The. Virus.

Yeah, well, we all knew at the time that was not true.

The CDC conference proved it still is not true.

Some stats from the conference in April 2023:

  • 1,800 people attended
  • 1,443 people responded to a survey

Of those:

  • 610 did not get tested
  • 278 were ill with symptoms but did not get treatment
  • 183 tested positive for Covid

The article does not spell out the statistics careful enough to calculate the percentage who got sick. However well over 400 did get sick (278 ill but did not seek treatment +183 tested positive = 461 ill) out of 1,443 who responded to the survey.

Before I make the obvious calculation, I need to explain (while suppressing laughter) that of the 1,443 people responding to the survey only eight had not been vaccinated. In fact 958 had the bivalent vaccine in September 2022 or later.

So, 99.5% of the people attending were vaccinated and 66% had the bivalent booster shot within preceding six months.

Yet with that hyper vaccinated crowd, 32% of them got sick.

One third.

One third of the attendees were vaxed and boosted got sick.

It is almost as if the original shots, the bivalent boosters, masks, and social distancing does not do any good to reduce infection. Imagine that.

9/8/23 – The Epoch Times – Boosted People More Likely Than Unvaccinated to Be Infected: Study – A study published in Cureus Journal found the bivalent booster did not provide any protection from Covid infection for people who had the bivalent booster.

Methodology of the study was to look at 90,000+ inmates in the California prison system. Inmates were separated into three groups: people who did not receive vaccination, people with the first round of shots but no boosters, and people with first round plus bivalent booster shot. The middle group was excluded from further study.

If the booster did any good you would expect a dramatically lower infection rate for people who had the initial round of shots plus bivalent boosters. That is not even close to what was found.

The results:

  • 3.2% – infection rate, in a prison setting, for people who had received the bivalent shots
  • 2.7% – infection rate for people in prison who had not received any vaccination for Covid

Not only did the bivalent booster not reduce infection rate, there is actually a 0.5% higher infection rate for people with a bivalent booster

Researchers identify this is a statistically significant higher infection rate.

To restate: a study of 90,000 people in the controlled setting of a prison showed an infection rate which was one quarter higher for people who had a bivalent shot.

The booster has a negative efficacy. You are far more likely to get sick if you get the booster.

Oh yeah, for people who are most vulnerable, specifically inmates over 65 years of age the increased danger from additional shots was far higher:

  • 6.4% infection rate amongst those with bivalent booster
  • 4.5% – infection rate for inmates over 65 with no vaccination

There is a 1.9% higher rate with booster. Inmates with the bivalent booster were about half again as likely to get sick as those who had no vaccination.


The bivalent booster is dangerous because it makes you more likely to contract Covid.

Separate research studies reached the same conclusion that the booster increases infection rate. Studies by separate teams in France, South Korea, Qatar, and Cleveland clinic reached the same conclusion.

Even the CDC found that healthy adults who received a bivalent booster were more likely to end up in the hospital.

It does not look like neither our political leaders, public health officials, educators, nor reporters have learned anything.

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