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Cost to build a 1,000 turbine wind farm and associated transmission line

Here’s another data point for the cost to build out a large wind farm along with the 700 mile transmission line. Can’t have a huge slice-and-dice operation without a way to move the electricity to a buyer.

The Denver Business Journal reports Anschutz-backed Wyoming wind far, biggest in North America, files for permit.

Here is one key paragraph with lots of data:

The Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Program wind farm is being developed by the Power Company of Wyoming LLC, a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corp. It involves 1,000 wind turbines capable of generating up to 3,000 megawatts of power — enough to support the electricity demands of about 900,000 homes.

Cost of the constructing the turbines is $6B per the article, and is based on 2008 plans.

In addition, a 725 mile transmission line will carry the power across Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and end up in southern Nevada. Cost of building that line is $3B per the article.

Key info for future reference: Read more…

Cost of building various types of electricity sources

Here are a few data points on the cost of building various kinds of facilities to generate power. Accumulated for future reference.

3/27 – Bismarck Tribune – North Dakota regulators approve peaking station turbinesRead more…

More background on Bakken drilling including well costs and EURs

Million Dollar Way points to a presentation by Continental Resources from October 2013 available on this page.

May as well disclose this is not an investment site. It would be foolish to make investment decisions based on what I say.

What I will do is comment on a few tidbits in the presentation that expand my knowledge with the idea that people reading my blog would likely learn as well.

Drilling costs

Falling costs of drilling are described on slide eight. Here’s the disclosed info: Read more…

Dropping costs in Eagle Ford field

Eagle Ford Shale gives another data point on the shrinking costs of drilling: Anadarko’s Eagle Ford Well Costs Down Below $6 Million.

Post describes Anadarko’s success on reducing costs. Check out the key paragraph: Read more…

One data point for drilling costs in North Dakota

Bruce Oksol at Million Dollar Way provides one hard data point for costs to drill in Bakken for one producer in their particular locations with their specific techniques. May not apply to any other drillers, but a hard data point is useful.

Bakken Well Costs says: Read more…

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