More on Reshoring

Mark Perry at Carpe Diem is paying attention to the reshoring trend.  Some recent posts:

Re-Shoring: Outsourcing To China Goes Into Reverse

Housewares company moves production from China back to the U.S.  Specifically Union City, California. (California! 34 miles from San Francisco?)


The move

allows it more control over quality and delivery

Reshoring Example: Houston–Based Farouk Systems

One of the reasons? Efficiency.

Chairman of the company is quoted as saying

“I may need to employ only 15 people to do a job that would require 70 in a Chinese factory”

One commenter pointed out a lot of that reduction in staffing is likely due to robotics. Probably so. Production in the U.S. is more efficient. See my entire series of posts on The Price of Everything, especially here and here.

Three more examples in:  Reshoring: Manufacturing is Coming Back to U.S.

Another example:  Outsourcing Goes Into Reverse: More Reshoring

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