Insight to the publishing world from the author’s perspective

Bruce Schneier is writing a new book, Liars and Outliers.  He has been posting updates all year on the project.  First comment on his blog was in February.

He’s had several updates since then.  All of them provide a view of the publishing world from the author’s perspective.  His update this week, Status Report: Liars and Outliers, summarizes where he’s been and what the next few months will hold.

For me, as a microscopic part of the publishing world, it’s been fun to watch the progress.  Here is a recap:

  • Announced in February the book was in progress. I assume he started serious outlining of the book and thinking through the structure in, say, January.
  • November 1 the manuscript went to the publisher.
  • Got feedback from an editor and copy editor with final manuscript back to the publisher before Thanksgiving.
  • Currently in layout. He will get to look at final copy next week.
  • Artistic layout of the cover was resolved several months ago but has been in lots of discussions about the back cover, inside flaps, bio and blurbs (having self-published a couple of really small books with simple covers I think that means lots and lots and lots of discussions!).
  • After everything is set, the publisher will convert everything to various e-book formats.
  • Mid February is the scheduled publication date.
  • Looks like he is going on the speaking tour after that, or at least some conferences.

So here’s a quick recap from about January 2011 through February 2012:

  • Hard push on writing from January (my guess) through October –  about 10 months
  • Editing, correction, through final copy – 6 weeks
  • Production and distribution, conversion to e-books – 2 months

Fascinating insights for the timeline of a full length, major book.  Thank you, Mr. Schneier, for sharing your experiences.

By the way, you will want to check out the book when it’s published, if you are interested in security concepts.

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