Fighting against overwhelming change is like taking a stand in quicksand

The change around us, in media, the flood of informationbook publishing, nanotechnology, education, the economy in general, and even awareness of bad effects of poorly done international aid, is overwhelming.

In his post When the world changes… , Seth Godin says:

The history of media and technology is an endless series of failed rearguard actions as industry leaders attempt to solidify their positions on a bed of quicksand.

How’s that is a great word picture?

How does this sound for a strategy for dealing with radical change: oppose change by taking a stand on quicksand.

The armchair military historian in me puts it this way: fighting change is like putting your troops into a defensive position in quicksand.

Seth also says:

All the lobbying, the lawsuits, the ad campaigns and most of all, the hand-wringing, aren’t going to change anything at all.

Somehow, we need to figure out how to embrace the radical change that is overwhelming us. Or we can take a stand in quicksand.  Take your pick.

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