Growing pains in North Dakota – signs of boom times from the oil in the Bakken field

Mark Perry relays some of the discussion of North Dakota Sheriffs & Deputies Association about the impact of the oil boom in Western North Dakota:  Bakken Oil is Having Major Impact on Western ND.

Professor Perry highlights 12 of the 35 issues discussed. Here are three amazing items:

4. Williams County allows three campers per farmstead, the farmers almost all have three campers on their property and are charging $800 per camper per month for rent.

7. The Williston McDonalds just announced that they will pay new workers $15 an hour, a $500 immediate signing bonus and full medical benefits

12. The Williams County jail has increased bookings by 150%, with a 100% increase in the inmate population. Bonds of $5,000 to $10,000 are typically paid with cash out of pocket. The Williams County Sheriff stated that a couple of weeks ago he received a $63,000 bond in cash carried into the jail in a plastic Walmart bag.

Incredible increase in oil and gas production all across the Bakken field. See discussion here. Big impact on the local economy.

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