Yet another description of the exciting overall change surrounding us

An Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal describes yet one more view of the radical change surrounding us and the tremendous opportunities in our near future.

Mark P. Mills and Julio M Ottino discuss The Coming Tech-led Boom.

The causes of the transition and the reasons we should be optimistic about the future are familiar to me, and I hope to you as well if you’ve been reading this blog.

The sources of change the authors discuss:

  • Big data – huge databases and huge data crunching capacity.
  • Smart manufacturing – including new alloys and composites that didn’t exist a few years ago. Combine this with 3D printing, and look out!
  • Wireless connectivity between almost everyone & anyone and connectivity with any tool or monitoring device that you want to connect with.

The reasons the U.S. can benefit as much, or more, than other countries from these changes?  From the article:

But consider three features that most define America, and that are essential for unleashing the promises of technological change: our youthful demographics, dynamic culture and diverse educational system.

Check out the full article. It’s great. It discusses in one place the trends and opportunities I’m trying to grasp.

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