In December North Dakota passed California in oil production

And North Dakota pulls into third place!

Federal stats show oil production in North Dakota was 535k bbl/d in December compared to 531k bbl/d in California. – Five states accounted for about 56% of total U.S.crude oil production in 2011

Check out the graph of monthly production. North Dakota has been accelerating since 2008 while Alaska and California have been declining for 10 years.

I downloaded the data in the graphs. Average production in Alaska is 563k bbl/d in 2011 while monthly in N.D was 535k in December.

Oh, in January 2011, ND production was 62% the level of California’s. That is quick gain on CA production.

The growth isn’t going to stop soon.

My son is working in North Dakota. Stories floating around are that when fully drilled, there will be 30,000 producing wells.  Take that story for whatever it is worth. I recently read there are currently 6,000 producing wells.

Regardless of the specific accuracy of either stat, the direction (along with record number of rigs in operation) tell me ND will be passing Alaska’s production level really soon.

Hat tip – Mark Perry. Of course. North Dakota Now No. 3 State for Oil Production

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