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More North Dakota oil production stats

Found a source for lots of data on oil production in North Dakota. Mentioned this in an earlier post.

Other cool stats:

  • Active drilling rigs February 2012- 209

Look at the growth in producing wells:

  • 6,084 – September 2011
  • 6,202 – October 2011
  • 6,347 – November 2011
  • 6,471 – Decemer 2012
  • 6,624 – January 2012
  • 6,726 – February 2012

When I saw that, just had to put it into a graph. Here it is:

Look at that jump in the last few months.

In February 2012, there are 6,726 producing wells, up from 5,331 in December 2010.

Average increase of 146 new production wells each month for 8 months.

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