How big a play is Eagle Ford? Huge.

ConocoPhillips is planning to focus on Eagle Ford.

FuelFix reports in their article Shale gas “a blessing” for U.S. Mulva says:

Mulva {who is the retiring CEO of ConocoPhillips} said the company this year plans to drill 160 wells in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas, 300 wells in the Permian Basin in West Texas and up to 30 wells in North Texas’ Barnett shale.

There is going to be so much natural gas coming out of the Eagle Ford area that ConocoPhillips is going to have a joint venture with Chevron to put in a $5 billion dollar processing plant to handle the gas.

In addition to the jobs to drill those 490 wells this year, there’s a huge amount of construction jobs to build a new five billion dollar processing plant over the next few years.

Investing 5 billion. For a new plant. For the gas coming out of the Eagle Ford basin.

Wow.  I realize I’m very late to catch on to what is happening, but this is huge.

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