Radical change is a factor for even the newest college grad

Future-proofing your career” has three areas of advice for new college grads from Charlie Ball.

Actually, the advice applies to everyone.

With new college grads having at least a 45 year work horizon in front of them, he has three major words of advice:

It’s all going to change

If you are feeling good about where you are at this instant, consider this:

Give it a few years and the young employees of today will also be feeling the inexorable march of progress. Before too long, many of them will be doing jobs we don’t have names for yet, for companies that don’t yet exist, using technology that hasn’t yet been invented. It’ll happen in the next five years for some.

His second point?

Communication is vital

The ability to explain ideas will continue to be a critical and scarce ability.

Final point.

Information overload

Learning to sort through the flood of information will be even more important.

Check out the full article.

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