Rig count in Bakken and Eagle Ford fields – 6-1-12

Count of drilling rigs week of June 1 – 215 and 276. 

215 – Bakken – from the current active drilling rig list at the N.D. Department of Mineral Resources website.

The count is 218 from the Grand Forks Herald. Difference in count is probably timing. The Herald article is dated May 28, which means Mr. Lee probably pulled information as of either May 28 or May 25. I pulled the data on June 2, which means it is probably June 1 information. A swing of 3 rigs in 4 days is quite reasonable.

hat tip: BakkenBLog News @bakkenblog

276 – Eagle Ford – from EagleFordShale blog

That is down 3 from the previous week.

This compares to 209 in Bakken and 282 in Eagle Ford that I mentioned as of May 11.  For three weeks, that would be a gain of 6 in North Dakota (which is essentially the same as Bakken) and drop of 6 in Eagle Ford.

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