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New drilling permits in Bakken and Eagle Ford – May and June 2012

Eagle Ford Shale blog reports the number of permits issued by Texas RRC: 

Since May 14 when the RRC last updated the data points on its map, the commission has issued 367 permits. That’s more than 7 permits per day over a period of 50 days.

Adjust that count for the number of days and it is the rate of 220 per 30 days (367 / 50 *30).

How does that compare to Bakken?

The July Director’s Cut report says:

Apr Permitting: 167 drilling and 2 seismic

May Permitting: 180 drilling and 1 seismic (all time high was 245 in Nov 2010)

That is an average of 171 for a 30 day period ( (167+180) / 61 * 30).

So a roughly comparable comparison is the monthly rate of 171 for Bakken in April and May and monthly rate of 220 for Eagle Ford in May and June.

That’s a combined rate of about 391 per month. Very cool.

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