Count of drilling rigs end of September 2012 – 190 and 274 for combined total of 464

190 – Bakken – from the current active drilling rig list at the N.D. Department of Mineral Resources website on 8-31-12.

274 – Eagle Ford – from EagleFordShale blog.

That is down 2 in Bakken and up 4 in Eagle Ford.

National rig count is 1,859 for 9-21-12.

That means about 25% of the rigs in the country are in those two fields. Read a comment somewhere that the number of rigs in Permian basin is running about 500. Can’t find a link to that comment and can’t find another cite easily, so I’ll let it go at that. If that’s a good count for Permian, that means that 27% of the rigs in the country are in Permian.

So, that’s about half the rigs in the country working in those three plays.

For the last few months, my recap of the rigs in Bakken, Eagle Ford, and total for both has been:

  • Sept 190, 274, 464
  • Aug 192, 270, 462
  • July 208, 270, 478
  • June 215, 278, 493 
  •  May 215, 276, 491

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