The frontier is open again – the oil field is “the gold rush of our generation”

“Witnessing my generation’s gold rush” is a superb story of what is happening in North Dakota, as observed by a photojournalist Mr. Jim Urquhart.

He provides a wonderful photo story of drilling in North Dakota. The scenery is beautiful and views of roughnecks are superb. Views of the drilling rigs from the air are outstanding.

His description of the economic vitality and what it’s like to live in Williston and work on an oil rig is delightful.

Here is a one sentence summary of the astounding things happening in Bakken. By the way, the same comment applies to Eagle Ford. During his time there:

I was witnessing the gold rush of my generation.

The gold rush is still open.

If you want work, it is available. Go to Williston, North Dakota or San Antonio, Texas.

Entertainingly, Mr. Urquhart starts his story by telling of unexpectedly meeting 6 shotgun-toting hunters. I sense a bit of fear in his story while he visited with them.  If he understood either hunters or Midwesterners, he would have known that not only did he have nothing to fear from them even if his opinions were to clash with theirs, but he was at that moment also the safest he’d been in the last 3 months or could be anywhere within a couple hundred miles.

He concludes with:

Twenty-four hours removed and two showers later, I can still smell the mix of oil, diesel fuel and mud on my hands. It makes me want to go back for more. I feel I barely grazed the surface of what is really taking place on the wild, windswept plains. However, I am extremely fortunate to have been able to witness a bit of history unfold right in front of me.

I hope he goes back. I’d love to see more of his photos and hear more of his observations. He is a great photographer and story-teller.

(hat tip: Million Dollar Way)

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