Texas oil production highest level in 25 years

Eagle Ford Shale blog has a graph of oil production in Texas over the last 30 years – Texas Oil Production Surpassed 1988 Levels in September 2012. Looks like a near straight-line up since the first of 2011.

September production was over 2M barrels a day.  Mr. Duke continues:

That’s more than the state has produced in almost 25 years! It’s no small feat. Production growth has been fleeting for more than a decade. The Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford account for almost all of the state’s growth.

I’m extremely new to the energy area. But I know enough to realize that Eagle Ford is a new field.

Also know that the Permian Basin has been around a long, long time. My uncle was employed in the Permian Basin when I was a kid.  Thirty seconds of research shows production started in the ‘40s and hit its “peak” in the ‘70s. Been going strong but on downward slope since. With new technology, production is rapidly ramping up.

Very cool.

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