Want to start your own educational institution? Go for it.

The educational frontier is wide open. Want to start your own institution of higher education? With today’s technology, some time, and a few dollars, anyone can do it.

Check out Chronicle of Higher Education’s article Welcome to Star Scholar U., Where a Personal Brand Is the Credential.

Two recent examples are Marginal Revolution University, started by two economics professors at George Mason University, and Rheingold U, run by the author and Internet pioneer Howard Rheingold. To be clear, these professors are using the word “university” loosely—they award no credit and claim no spot on any college ranking. And they probably won’t become rich through their teaching. But the gambit gives them full control over the content and delivery methods. And it offers their personal brands as a kind of credential.

Fascinating thing is that if you want a certificate or credential, this type of teaching won’t work. On the other hand, if your goal is to learn, there are people who want to give their knowledge to you.

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