Rough indicator of growth in Williston – Sales tax collections up 30% in a year

Sales tax collections are a helpful indicator of what is going on.  From the Williston Wire, available by email only:

According to tax department data, Williston’s taxable sales and purchases were $952,804,340 in the third quarter, up nearly 30 percent over the same period last year. Williams County topped the one billion dollar mark with $1,268,689,305 collected up 36.15 percent

Based on state data available here, Statistical Third Quarter Report, sales taxes collected in Williams county, where Williston is located, are up 30.12% for taxable sales and up 36.15% for taxable sales and purchases. I’m not familiar with North Dakota sales tax laws so don’t know what’s the difference between those two categories.

For the state, sales tax collections are up 22%.

Sales tax info is a good overall indicator of what is happening. Thirty percent increase is a good indicator of the rapid growth in Williams county and Williston.

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