More on selective enforcement of laws against killing raptors

I’ve written several articles on the toll that wind farms take on golden eagles, bald eagles, and other migratory birds.

Mr. Robert Bryce has another article in the Wall Street Journal – Windmills vs. Birds.

Golden and Bald Eagles along with sundry other raptors aren’t the only casualties.

He points out:

Bats are getting whacked, too. The Pennsylvania Game Commission estimates that wind turbines killed more than 10,000 bats in the state in 2010.

Here is an overview of free ride by the so-called ‘clean energy’ industry:

Over the past two decades, the federal government has prosecuted hundreds of cases against oil and gas producers and electricity producers for violating some of America’s oldest wildlife-protection laws: the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Eagle Protection Act.

As mentioned in my other posts, the slice-and-dice industry gets a pass. By the way, slice-and-dice is the phrase Million Dollar Way uses to describe the wind farm industry. I like that. It is a perfect description of how hundreds of raptors meet their end every year.

My posts on the slice-and-dice industry:

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