Williston pulls liquor licenses from two strip clubs

There are downsides to a booming economy. Things can get out of control with an overwhelming increase in men who work long hours for good money: they need something to do when not working.

With a serious imbalance in the proportion of men and women in Williston, guess what, those guys wind up at the city’s two strip clubs.

The two places are next door to each other. Not a good deal – get bounced out of one for being rowdy and you can stumble to the other.

As you would expect there has been a surge in police calls to the two clubs.

Oil Patch Dispatch reports in Williston suspends liquor licenses of strip clubs that the two places have lost their license to sell booze, one for a week and the other for a month.

The article outlines the increase in police calls and the disproportionate number of visits to those two establishments compared to the seven other bars in town.

Hope they can figure out a way to settle things down while they take some time off.

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