California may ban drilling technique that has been used for only 60 years

“I can’t make this stuff up” should be trademarked by Million Dollar Way.

Bills are moving through the California legislature to halt fracking in the state until it is studied to the legislator’s satisfaction. Reported by the AP in Lawmakers advance bill to halt oil fracking.

Fracking has been used in California for 60 years. Six decades.

The article points out that 80% of the fracking in the state is done in uninhabited areas out in the desert.

Here’s the comment by Million Dollar Way that led me to the above article, California Lawmakers Provide Good News for the Bakken:

California is getting closer and closer to putting a moratorium on fracking. After sixty years of safely fracking in California, the lawmakers there feel the technology needs to be studied. And, apparently fracking in California can only be studied once fracking is halted in California.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Caution: sarcasm alert.

No problems for six decades? That means we should stop fracking now.

Research can only be done when there is no fracking? That non sequitur means we should stop fracking today so we can start research sometime.

This would send jobs from California to North Dakota? That means we should stop fracking in California this afternoon because there isn’t anyone in this state looking for work and the North Dakota economy is floundering under their 2% unemployment rate.

Check out the AP article to see the mob attitude during the hearing.

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