“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!”

Philosiblog expands on that comment by Johnathan Winters.

How long will  you wait for the perfect opportunity to kick in the door and drag you into the future?

Sometimes you have to take a so-so opportunity and make it work.

We’d all like to think that the perfect opportunity will be awaiting us, just around the next corner. However, most of us know from experience that this is rarely the case. We have to weigh our options, and then take advantage of our best opportunity.

Don’t miss the chance for an opportunity you can make great by dreaming of the perfect opportunity:

Taking advantage of opportunities is the opposite of procrastination. Don’t be caught sitting on the dock as your ship sails away without you. Sometimes you will have to get wet and claw your way onto the boat like a half-drowned rat. But it may be the only way to take advantage of the opportunity.

I love that word picture: 

Claw your way onto the boat like a half-drowned rat.

Check out the full post for a good motivational read as you ponder what you want to do to make things better in your life.

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