Estimates of population in Williston show doubling since 2010

Number of people in Williston is growing so fast that the people who track such things are having a hard time figuring out how many are there.

Latest study is from N.D. State University, reported by AP in Grand Forks Herald: Study: Williston population growth to continue.

Current estimate is somewhere between 25,000 and 33,000 people are living in Williston. That’s up from the official count in the 2010 census of 14,700.

Notice the range of the estimate?

That puts the increase at between 70% and 124% in about 2 years or so.

The spread between high and low is 54% of the 2010 population.

Census estimate from earlier this year was 26,700. I’ll guess that is quite low.

The researcher estimate the city’s population could be 44,000 by 2017.

Another 4 years to see additional growth of between 11k and 19k people? I’ll guess Williston will hit 44k a loooong time before 2017.

(hat tip: tweet from BakkenBlog News)

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