Second private company launches resupply capsule to space station

Orbital Sciences is the second private company to design and launch a rocket that can resupply the international space station.

Very cool. The space frontier is open again.

The 40-meter tall Antares rocket lifted off with the company’s Cyngus cargo capsule Wednesday and will rendezvous with the space station Sunday.

Cargo capacity is 680 kg, or about 1,500 pounds.

The capsule is expendable, which means it will burn up in the atmosphere after it is emptied. It won’t be able to return to earth, which the SpaceX capsule can do.

The goal is for Orbital Sciences to start regular deliveries to the space station in a few months.

The Wall Street Journal has a short article:  Orbital Sciences Launches Cargo Capsule for Space Station.

Previously mentioned the SpaceX resupply shot and four companies that are working on developing a lift capability to the space station although Orbital Sciences isn’t mentioned in that article.

I think it is so cool there are two companies with lift capability. Competition is good.

What’s funny though, is that this is like the huge growth taking place in the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Permian basin oil fields. It isn’t a zero sum game so we can cheer them all on and hope everyone in the ‘competition’ wins.

Go SpaceX! Go Orbital Sciences!

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