N.D. oil production passes 900,000 in August

Monthly increase was just over 4% from the revised July amounts. Preliminary August production number was 911,496 barrels per day. Revisions are usually quite small.

Amy Dalrymple has some comments from D.M.R. Director Lynn Helms on what the next two months of data might include. In her article, N.D. oil production tops 900,000 barrels per day, she reports:

Helms said he expects to see another significant production increase in September, but an unusually wet October brought a lot of work to a halt in the state’s busiest county, Helms said.

McKenzie County, which has about one-third of the state’s 183 drilling rigs, has had to close gravel roads to heavy trucks in recent days, which means rigs can’t move and trucks can’t haul water and sand needed for hydraulic fracturing.

So, expect a big increase in September, but not so much in October.

Here are three graphs to show the increase. Click on any of them to see a larger version.

Production by month from ’04 through 10-13:

 10-13 by month 04-13

 Statewide and Bakken only:

 10-13 statewide and bakken


To smooth out the graph, try this one:

Production in month of August for last 6 years:

 10-13 august for 6 years


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