Mali update – 10-25-13

Haven’t noticed much news from Mali lately, but that is probably a reflection on my observation skills, or lack thereof.

10-25 – France 24 – French forces to combat Mali ‘terrorists’, says Hollande – Troops from France, Mali, and the U.N. stepped up operations on Thursday in northern Mali against Islamists forces. The goal is to provide stability in advance of legislative elections the end of November.

The level of conflict has increased recently. From the article:

Recent months have seen a rise in violence in Mali in the form of both attacks by Islamists, as well as fighting between security forces and Tuareg separatists.

There are reportedly 2,500 French troops on the ground in Mali. In addition, there are 5,200 U.N. troops on the ground, with a target of having 12,600 in-country.

10-25 – New York Times – France Begins New Anti-Islamist Sweep in Mali – A official representative says the effort is

intended to thwart “a resurgence of terrorist movements.”

The U.N. announced its troops are not a part of this specific operation.

The specific area involved is around Gao and Timbuktu.

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