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Pronunciation guide to Bakken and Eagle Ford

The point of this blog is to learn, so I have no problem admitting I have yet to catch on to lots of things, like how to pronounce Bakken and Eagle Ford.

Rockin’ the Bakken

Learned on my recent trip to North Dakota that Bakken is pronounced with an ‘ah’. It isn’t Bacon or Back-en.

First syllables of Rockin’ and Bakken use the same sound. I think that’s a short ‘a’.

Showing up in town asking about the Bacon will show you haven’t done your research.


Professor Tunstall explains in the video linked at this post that Eagle Ford is pronounced as one word. It isn’t Eagle and Ford.

Try E’-gull-furd. All one word.

Now you know too. I’m sure the professor will be shaking his head to read that is one of the items learned from his TEDx presentation I thought was worth mentioning.

Have any other big or little ideas I haven’t caught on to yet? If you want to give me suggestions, please keep it to the top dozen or so issues you’ve noticed I don’t get.

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